dimanche 10 février 2013

The black heart rebellion - Har nevo (2013)

The black heart rebellion are from Ghent (Belgium) and just released their second record called Har nevo. Har nevo is what happens when a post-hardcore band reinvent itself by venturing into dark folk americana territory, creating the kind of atmosphere and feel that you can find in records by The Bad seeds or 16 Horsepower.  but they did it without losing their own personnality,  and the result is very strong and full of emotions. they songs have very good vocals and combines some epic moments with some others more atmospheric and bordering psychedelia. they really succeeded in bringing something new to their sound and managed to push their music on a higher level. Har nevo is one of the records I listened the most in 2013 up to now. I really recommend it.

you can stream it on Bandcamp

here's their website

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