lundi 1 avril 2013

Rorcal - Világvége (2013)

Whatever they do, they do it radical. When Rorcal, from Switzerland, played a mostly doom / post-HC influenced music it was especially heavy, dark and intense (especially impressive live). their new record, released by Lost pilgrims records (and others) and called Világvége (which means the end of the world) is mostly black metal, with remains of doom / drone / post hardcore. and guess what? it's also really heavy, dark and intense! but with a more straighforward agression and a lot of blast beats. I'd say the evolution of the band on this record is a success, they happen to be really solid as a black metal band and managed to do it while keeping their own style. forget Norway, Switzerland is the new cold hell!

listen to it on bandcamp

and check their website.

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