lundi 27 mai 2013

Antediluvian-λόγος (2013)

Through the cervix of Hawaah, Antediluvian's previous full lenght was one of the best death metal record released in 2011. their split with Adversarial was also of high quality so expectaions were high for their new album called λόγος (its in greek but I dont know what does it means..). The good thing is that the canadians didn't rest on their laurels and made their music evolve. it's now even more dissonant and creepy, a bit like a death metal Blut aus nord, more loose, atmospheric and sometimes a bit doomy. the writing of songs is a bit lost on the way but it's interesting. maybe Through the cervix of Hawaah was better but maybe this one will work as a necessery transition album and if they manage to find a songwriting more focused while keeping the weird disturbing and almost "free" vibe they created in λόγος they could give birth to a new terrific kind of extreme music. one way or another their future stuff should be an interesting listen.

their BC page (but the new album is not in it..).

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