mercredi 15 mai 2013

Six brew bantha / Water torture split (2013)

Here we have two of the more noticed new grind band reunited on a split record on the occasion of their US tour together. Cool!

Six brew bantha hit hard last year with their self titled first album.  Are they confirming the quality of their music on this split? Yes they are! Their five songs are faultless exercises of pure grind, agressive and catchy in the grindiest way. I really recommend it! (Note that they also releases a split with Agitate).

On this split I'm still not completely convinced by Water torture's music. The six new songs, of the bass and drum duo aren't bad but I just can't get into it. The songs are maybe too simple and stripped out, it could be a good thing and it's the idea behind a bass and drum duo, but I feel that they don't success in transforming their noise into songs or even into a memorable sonic experience. I just find it a bit anoying and a bit boring. But I suppose it's better to see them performing live.

You can listen to Six brew bantha side of the split on their BC page.

I don't know where you can stream the Water torture side.

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