mercredi 1 mai 2013

Per capita / Freedom is a lie split 12''(2013)

if you're into crust/grind it would be a pity to miss this split record between Per capita (from Germany) and Freedom is a lie (from Hungary).
both bands plays a relentless and very efficient crust grind, that reminds the swedish crust/grind school. I'd say Per capita has a more heavier, "fatter" and metal sound, and Freedom is a lie has maybe a more traditionnal punk /  grind sound. and it's a good thing that the two bands on the split doesn't sound the same, each one being very good in it's own style of crust/grind. every 17 songs on this split are great and I really recommend this very good piece of frenetic grinding d-beating!

check it :
Per capita BC page
Freedom is a lie BC page

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