mardi 14 mai 2013

Lychgate (2013)

In a time when black metal is either brutal and grim or more subtle but in a more atmospheric or post whatever way it's cool when a band is playing sophisticated black metal in a more "old school" technical / melodic way. Lychgate, a new band (with members from Esoteric, Lunar aurora and Omega centauri) signed on Gilead media is playing this sophisticated black metal in their first self titled album. the epic melodies and the keyboard parts reminds me of black metal bands from the nineties, like Emperor or even Cradle of filth for the somewhat baroque excessiveness of some keyboards parts. Lychgate reminds me of some goods things from this era but is not a retro band at all. they also incorporate in their sound some elements that we find in more modern or even forward thinking black metal. it's about the riffing, the melodies and the black metal blast beats, but also about the atmosphere (that could be described as dark and "occult" maybe). they manage to sound at the same time sophisticated and fresh. it's a really interesting record.

Here's their Gilead media Bandcamp page.

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