dimanche 5 mai 2013

Seven sisters of sleep-Opium morals (2013)

About their self titled record released ast year, also on A389 recordings, I said that they were clearly one of the best recent sludge bands (See my review HERE). I'm happy to say that Opium morals confirms all the good things I said about Seven sisters of sleep.every song in it is excellent and Opium morals is one of my favourite record for 2013 yet. the songs are maybe a bit slower than on the previous record but they still are more hardcore than many sludge bands. maybe the riffs, that are excellent, plays a more important part in the songs. but the rythmic side is also very strong with good bass parts that really adds heaviness to the songs, and a drumming that is especially good, more technical and diverse than usually in sludge / hardcore. the vocal lines are also good, adding more dynamism to the songs. the prodution is very good. In fact I don't see any weakness in this impressive record.
Don't sleep on this, Opium morals really is a dope album!

SSS website
SSS on A389 BC page

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