mardi 21 mai 2013

Coliseum-Sister faith (2013)

I really like when punk sounds simple, straightforward and heartfelt. Coliseum is a band that embodies this kind of hardcore punk, and their new album Sister faith (their fourth full-lenght) is a new testimony of that.
their music is somewhere around early Black flag hardcore, with some Motorhead like mid-tempo rocking heaviness and also some melodies and a feeling of urgency that you could find in screamo / post punk. Sister faith is maybe a bit less dark than the excellent House with a curse album was, but it's not less good. so if you liked their previous records, or if you like vibrant hardcore or any heavy punkish rock there's no reason you won't like Sister faith. really enjoyable and recommended!

you can listen to some of the songs on their BC page. 

Ryan Patterson, singer, guitarist and founding member of Coliseum  kindly answered to my questions :

-can you present quickly Coliseum? what is important to know about the band?

Coliseum is Ryan Patterson, Kayhan Vaziri and Carter Wilson. The band formed
in late 2003 in Louisville, KY.

-I like the way your music is kinda like blending the best of punk and heavy metal, making it sound like a perfect biker movie soundtrack. how would you describe what is your musical background and what influences your music?

My background in music is mostly in punk, hardcore, indie rock and the
various offshoot from that. I like some metal bands but I've never been a
huge metal fan and I have always been much more connected to the indie/punk
world. I grew up as a fan of those kinds of bands, I love American and
British punk as well as the proto-punk and post-punk bands, I love a lot of
the music that came out on labels like Dischord, SST, Merge, Touch And Go,
and others. I have always been a huge fan of the DC music scene. All those
various influences and my personal life experiences and interests influence
me and the music we make.

-what about your new record Sister faith, how does it fit in the evolution of Coliseum?

I don't spend a lot of time thinking about how our music relates to what
we've done in the past, we just focus on moving forward. I think Sister
Faith is the record I've been wanting to make my entire life and our best
work thus far. We're very proud of it and happy that people are responding
to it so positively.

-which bands from your area would you recommend?
I live in Louisville and there are always a lot of great bands here.
Currently I'd suggest Young Widows, Xerxes, Early Age, Julie Of The Wolves,
Tropical Trash, Old Baby, Mote, All Dead, Bonnie Prince Billy, and probably
many more I'm forgetting at the moment.

-any advice for someone wanting to start a punk band, what are the key
elements to last and achieve something for a band?

Be creative and don't worry about the rules or trends. Make music you
believe in and work as hard as you can on it. Don't let anyone tell you that
you can't do it or that you should stop. Also buy a tuner.

-what does punk means to you? what do you think about the evolution of punk from its birth up to now, how is it relevant today?

I believe in punk as not only a form and genre of music but as a way of
life. Punk allowed me to not accept the status quo as handed to me, of
looking at any situation and feeling free to step outside of the boundaries
that were set in place. Punk to me is about community, about supporting the
endeavors and businesses of other people from your community, about becoming
self-sufficient and helping others to do so. It's about freeing yourself
from sexism, racism, homophobia, from xenophobia in general. Punk for me is
about being present in the moment, finding adventures, and living a life of
joy and contentment while not stepping on others along the way to get there.
I could go on... Punk as I define it is indefinable but very wide in its
scope. Punk opened my eyes in every way imaginable.

-in your opinion, what are the best and worst part of touring?
The best parts are playing shows and sharing that experience with other
people, meeting people and making wonderful relationships, having fun with
bandmates and tourmates, traveling and seeing more of the world than you'd
imagine otherwise. The bad parts are long drives, days on end spent in a
van, lack of sleep, lack of healthy food, missing your loved ones at home.
The good usually outweighs the bad but it can be difficult at times.

-any chance to see you play in France in the coming times?

We hope to tour in France in November or December of this year.

-which new songs are you playing live?

We're playing most of the songs from Sister Faith live but not all of them
at every show. We're mixing a lot of the new songs with other songs from
throughout our ten years as a band.

-what is planned for Coliseum in the coming months?

We'll be touring a lot through this year and probably next year as well.

-a final "full of wisdom sentence" to end the interview?
Thank you for the interview. Take care of one another, love each other, find
beauty and life in the things in our heads and our hearts and that grow from
this Earth.

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