jeudi 25 juillet 2013

All pigs must die - Nothing violates this nature (2013)

Mentionning Entombed? ok, that's done. APMD clearly owes a lot ot the swedish masters, and especially for its more trashy and punkier elements than on the traditionnal old school death metal side. so mentionning Black breath then? ok, that's done as well..
that being said their new album Nothing violates this naure is their best recording yet, with a more powerfull sound and more dynamic songs than on God is war i'd say. and anyway people listening to this kind of stuff aren't especially looking for some sonic revolution. wer're more looking for some good ol' relentless beatings and heavy dirty riffing. and APMD delivers that with all the power needed. the fast songs makes you do "air drumming", the mid tempo songs makes you head bang. so mission accomplished.

their Myspace.

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