lundi 22 juillet 2013

Dead peasants - Demo I

this demo by Dead peasants is really sick and intense, in a way not common. the recipe is black metal riffing with bleak and doomy atmoshperes, ferocious black metal vocals, the drumming goes from brutal (I mean very brutal) burst of grind blast beating from heavy slow parts when they get into a sludgy doomy moments, when you hear very well how the guitar sound is raw and noisy. whatever they do it is in an intense and radical way, very fast with relentless beatings or very slow heavy and noisy as fuck. very radical (a bit like Gaza could be). and thrown in this brtal mix you still can hear some more subtle guitar parts, developping a cold and gloomy feel between the violent outbursts. they also released three song on a split with Ecco.

check this new really cool band. their Bandcamp page.

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