mercredi 24 juillet 2013

Gatherer - Caught between a rock and a sad place (2013)

Gatherer is a band from New Jersey playing screamo / hardcore music. I had noticed their good and promising demo/EP release in 2012 called Postcards. they are back in 2013 with their first album called Caught between a rock and a sad place and it's even better. I'm not really a connaisseur of this kind of hardcore (usually i'm more into the crust / grinding stuff) so I can't really say precisely to which scene it is related but to me it just sound like good ol' screamo not far from what existed back in the 90'. if you're looking for somehing new you can pass your way but if you're just about to enjoy some heartfelt and passionnate music, simple but catching and moving, then I advise you give it a try. the singing and playing is really good and moreover the band is really excellent at writing cool and memorable songs.

here is their Bandcamp.

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