vendredi 1 novembre 2013

Glorior belli - Gators rumbles, chaos unfurls (2013)

witht heir fifth album aptly titled Gators rumbles, chaos unfurls, french black metallers Glorior belli is further devbeloping its blending of black metal and southern groove. they now really sound like a black metal version of Down, the BM elements left are the vocals even if they're not completely black metal either, and a few blast beats, but very few, it's mostly mid tempo heavy metal songs, but with a darker twist. it could also reminds the most "rocking" moments of Goatwhore. this "southern black metal" concept is really cool and Glorior belli are doing a good job at breathing life into it. maybe Gators rumbles, chaos unfurls is lacking really strong epic song of the caliber we could find in the preious records, but on the other hand it's more homogenous and it's really good overall, with a really good atmosphere, ominous but in a warm almost bluesy way, black metal but in the bayou..

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