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Atacama death experience - Wasted time and broken bones (EP 2014)

Atacama death experience is a new italian duo (drums / bass & vocals) and with the Wasted time and broken bones EP they did an impressive first record. they play some heavy and raw sludge / doom. the excellent bass lines could reminds the damages Eyehategod inflicfts to the sabbathian riffing (but without the frenetic hardcore moments) and the grooves and twisted bluesy vibes could reminds Unsane (but it's slower, heavier and rawer).the vocals are in a black metal vein which fits well to the raw dirty sounds of the band.
I just can't see nothing to complain about the four songs of this EP and I hope their first album will be as good.
it's released as CD by Cimmerian shade recordings (which used to be called Bad  god music, read HERE the interview I did with its founder Dave Lindley).

The Bandcamp page.

and here is the interview we did by mail with Romano Malaciort Monero, founder of Atacama death experience :

-Wasted times and broken bones is your first release, so can you start by telling us about the formation of Atacama death experience? what were your motivations, your ideas about the music of the band, the name you chose, etc...what about being a duo, was it your choice from the start or did it just happened that way? was it a way to have a simple and raw sound, focusing on rythm, texture and heaviness?

The Atacama Death Experience was born in my head (Romano Malaciort Monero) a few years ago. In the beginning it was to be a classic guitar - bass - drums band. Following the drafting of the first pieces I realized that it could work just bass and drums, and I think I was right.

The first band was made by me (Romano Malaciort) on bass and Riccardo Castagnedi on drums. Subsequently to artistic differences Riccardo was replaced by Antonio Iodice who participated in the recording of the ep. Now Samuel Bridi is behind the skins of drums

Behind the name there is no particular story, I wanted to associate the desert and death.

-are the songs on the Ep the first you wrote as a band or the best among the ones you have written?

The songs are the first songs that I wrote. I have excluded only one song because I do not like the arrangement but most likely it will be recorded on the next disc with a new arrangement.

-what about the lyrics?

The lyrics relate to what I think of the world and of my existence. Fleece of time talking about a trip I made under the influence of salvia divinorum, I thought the time was a blanket that enveloped everything and everyone stealing the lives and dreams. Useless Blues talking about work, a practice that I do not think at any level compatible with human life. Finally Rotten Clouds and the title track are visions of a world where everything is bound to end and the only chance of salvation is to destroy what you believe.

-do you see the (kind of) "bluesy" feel in your songs as a way to go back to the earlier roots of doom / sludge music?

I believe, like many others, that the blues is at the root of contemporary music and you can not do without it

-which bands were more influential for you, either for the music or for other things?

At the risk of sounding corny, but I believe that the basis for the music of the Atacama Death Experience there are thousands of hours listening to Black Sabbath. Even bands like Eyehategod or Pantera influenced my creative process.

-which italian bands would you recommend?

Ufomammut and Grimes

-which evolution would you like to see for underground music in the future?

I can not answer that question because I do not care. I will just play and express my thoughts. What will be will be

-what is planned for Atacama death experience in the coming months? are the songs for a future album already written?

I hope to play live as much as possible. The new songs are in the works, let's say we're halfway there :-)

-something to add?

Thank you for this opportunity to talk about us. STAY LOW TUNED AND SICK

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