dimanche 27 avril 2014

Triptykon - melana Chasmata (2014)

Melana chasmata is the second Triptykon album, the new band of T.G.Warrior (Hellhammer, Celtic frost).
it's not far away from his recent works, it's another fine piece of dark majestic metal. it contains some primitive death metal elements but most of the time it's closer to some desperate doom metal, heavy, abrasive and ominous (Tom vocals are as commanding as usual) but also with some female melodic vocals and fine lead guitar works. and the whole thing is enveloped in a black and cold, nearly industrial, atmosphere. the terrific and mysterious Giger cover art is giving a good hint to the content of the album. and like it, it's a weird and hard to describe beast! especially the more adventurous and ambient second half of the album.

the band website.

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