jeudi 17 avril 2014

Body betrayal -Soft cage (EP 2014)

Soft cage is the new EP (on vinyl) and second release by the crust / punk (or queercore as they call themselves) band from Seattle Body betrayal. (for an introduction about Body betrayal you can, listen to their split with Disparate, and read my review of the split and the interview we did at that time. HERE it is). the EP is 6 songs (they re recorded two songs that were already on their split) and lasts about 10 min. it's mostly crust / hardcore punk, filled with energy, fiercely intense, fast riffing and drumming and screams. but where many bands sounds the same, dull and grey, it's like they breathe more life into their songs, sounding very heartfelt. smarter and more poetic lyrics than usual also. and they found a good balance between fast agressive parts and slower ones, with a slight touch of experimentating  (different song structures) and more diversity than in most punk record.

I recommend it..and wait for a full lenght release!

their Bandcamp page.

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