jeudi 3 avril 2014

Cara neir - The overwatch (EP 2014)

Cara neir is back with this excellent Ep (check also their new split with Flesh born) called The overwatch.
I was a bit disapointed by their last LP Portals to a better dead world, not that it's not a good album  (it is) but i found it not as challenging as their music is usually (read HERE what I wrote about them, and read the interview we did), too close to the usual "blackened hardcore" formula (now that I listen to it again I think that I was a bit too harsh since it's largely more interesting and better than the usual metallic hardcore release). anyway, with their new EP it's a different story and I had the pleasure to get interested in it and like it at first listen. it's at the same time more direct and aggressive (shorter and faster songs) but also more experimental (with the "trademark" guitar work of Garry Brent). really catchy songwriting because it's well crafted but also because of it's diversity (grind, crust, hardcore, black metal, mathrock, they do a smart mix of all that) and capacity to surprise the listener (and as usual faultless delivery from Garry Brents with the instuments and Chris Francis wih the vocals).

highly recommended!

The Bandcamp page.

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