mardi 14 avril 2015

Acid witch - Midnight movies EP (2015)

Acid witch is a duo known for their horror inspired death /doom / heavy. This Midnight movies EP, five year after their last album, is a bit different, but while staying in the same "spirit". It's four covers of obscure hair metal / hard rock songs from 80' horror movies soundtrack. The vocals is half their usual death metal vocals and half "clean" heavy metal / glam singing. the first sing is very surprising and funky, the second is a bit like rough AC / DC with spooky keys parts. third one is a twisted kind of "power ballad". the fourth, called "partytime" is a kinf of hard rock / metal boogie closing with a "carpenter like" keyborad part. And between the songs you have "horror / fun" samples. Overall it's rocking, groovy, surprising and funny.

their FB page.

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