lundi 27 avril 2015

Exordium mors - The Apotheosis of Death (2014)

The Apotheosis of Death is the first full-lenght (after some demo, Ep's etc. the band being active since 2004) from Exordium mors, hailing from New Zealand. This album is just awesomely METAL. It's a powerfull merging of black metal (the vocals, blast beats), trash / death metal (the fast paced riffing / drumming) and traditionnal heavy metal (the epic songwriting). It's heavy, fast, aggressive, barbaric and epic. It's very well played and written. The overall atmosphere reminds bands like Immortal, Bathory, Destroyer 666 or even Manilla road! A relentless headbanging feast. It combines with powerfull result the old school spirit of metal with its modern aggressivity. really cool stuff!!

The Bandcamp page

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