vendredi 17 avril 2015

The Body - The tears of Job (2015)

The tears of Job is the new self release The Body record. On the origin it's done as a gift to people taking part in the crowdfunding of their new tour van. And a cool gift it is. On these five tracks the stress is on their more noise drone/ industrial side, with also a few discreet melodies on keyborads and electro beats giving it a slight post-punk / darkwave feel on the foruth track. there's also the usual shrieking and a bit of female melodic vocals (I suppose from the Assembly of light choir?).  the fifth track start with these melodic female vocals and you wonder if it's going to be the most melodic track from The Body. But it's a cover of a Jane's addiction song called "I would for you", and anyway it stops after three minutes and then you have droning noise for the rest of the twelve minutes of the track. So it was just a ray of light in their usual bleak grimness. And that's also why we love them! The tears of Job is another excellent release from The Body, as unique as their music always is.

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