mardi 5 mai 2015

Cloud rat - Qliphoth (2015)

Cloud rat used to be a fast rising hardcore band. They are now firmly established as one of the best hardcore bands. This band have something special. not easy to say exactly why but they just are better. Their new album called Qliphoth, even if it's maybe not as stikingly good as was Moksha (perhaps it's just because we're warned this time!) is still a confirmation of their excellency. It does not disappoint, and after Moksha raised so high the expectations it's already a success. Their singer Madison Marshall confirms that she's one of the best hardcore / grind singer, with her versatile and so passionnate vocals. They continue to display a lot of diversity of atmosphere in their grindpunk / hardcore combining with taste and a lot of dynamism agressivity (most of the time) and melodies (with the vocals and guitars). and they're really doing it in their own way. Either the fast raging songs or the slower subtler ones are finely crafted and works very well. With Qliphoth their are another time releasing (with Halo of flies records) one of the most memorable album of the year.

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