jeudi 28 mai 2015

Coliseum - Anxiety's kiss (2015)

Coliseum are back with an album called Anxiety's kiss that goes a step further in the direction they already took in the last couple of albums (read HERE the interview I did with Ryan Patterson after the release of Sister faith, with my review of the album). The Black flag meets Motorhead style they had is now something of the past, and the post-punk feel they developped is now more present than ever, they're now a lot more closer to Killing joke than to hardcore. Is that a problem? I don't think so. They were a cool band and we can regret their old style, but since they're different but still excellent, in their new direction, I'm ok with it and enjoy listening to their new stuff as well. And Anxiety's kiss sure brings the quality with very well crafted songs with strong atmospheres, they create a different feel but it's not less passionnate. And don't worry the evolution is quite progressive and if you liked the two previous albums you won't be lost and probably will like Anxiety's kiss as well. as I do.

Their Bandcamp page

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