mardi 19 mai 2015

Domovoyd - st (2015)

This self titled album from the finnish band Domovoyd is their second one, still on Svart records. Like Oh, sensibility was, this one is a grower, not revealing all it's mysteries and qualities at first. But the more glimpse you get of it the more you're attracted to it. This time their original psychedelic doom (more on the trippy side of it than on the sheer heaviness, closer to Blown out than to Electric wizard, with guitar works often closer to Hendrix than to Kirk Windstein) is getting more epic proportions (especially the two 16 and 17 minutes tracks) and more good ol' progressive vibes, while still being hypnotic, slow and heavy like all good doom albums. The first track is called Domovoyage with good reasons but it's the whole album that is definitely a trip.

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