dimanche 24 mai 2015

Renegade Brass Band - Rhymes, Beats & Brass (2014)

Some more "feel good music" for a change. eh why not? From Sheffields UK, here comes the Renegade Brass Band, a brass band in it's most modern form, in the following of bands like the Youngblood Brass Band, that is with a MC and a turntablist in addition to the percutionnists and horns players. It's a very potent and dynamic combination, very lively and full of energy, able to channel a wider range of feel into the brass band music, from anger to melancholy and joy, from quiet to frenetic. Everythings you'll find aplenty in their latest album aptly titled Rhymes, Beats & Brass. A really cool album that everyone can enjoy, no need to be into jazz or into hip-hop. Recommended!

Their BC page

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