mardi 26 mai 2015

Needful things / Compulsion to kill split EP (2014)

This is a cool split from two very good grind bands, Needful things from Czech republic and Compulsion to kill from Malaysia. it was released in nov 20144 by Psychocontrol records.

Needful things plays a grind that is especially fast and tight, in a modern vein, and they do it right (I also recommend their 2011 album, read my review HERE).

Compulsion to kill plays a rawer, more old school and grindpunk kind of grind, with good riffing, efficient drumming and dual high pitched screams / pig squeals vocals. They released a very good album last year (called Ruined society).

Very good split with two bands playing two different style of grind and very good in it. recommended!

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