dimanche 5 juillet 2015

Magnolia - Svarta Sagor (2015)

Don't know what they had in mind with this cover art, but it doesn't matter, the album is really enjoyable. Svarta Sagor is Magnolia's  fifth album and is released by Transubstans records. The swedish band (singing in swedish) is playing some good ol' 70' inspired heavy rock but often manages to sound different from all the other "retro rock" bands. First the singing in swedish implies different vocal melodies, those vocals melodic and powerfull at the same time are a strenght for the band. Also if they're good at Sabbath riffing, it's clear it's not the only heavy rock band they get their inspiration from, their songs can reminds also bands more on the heavy blues side of proto heavy metal like Cream or Mountain or also the most rocking moments of Jimi Hendrix. The quality of the guitar playing helps making that possible. They also displays at times some slight prog/ folk rock influences. So if you like all the different tastes of 70' heavy rock I really recommend this album to you.

the Transubstans soundcloud page

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