dimanche 12 juillet 2015

Nightslug - Loathe (2015)

Is it sludge? is it noise? It's both and more importantly it's awesome. Loathe is the second albul from the german trio Nightslug. They really managed to develop a thick and dirty hypnotic groove. The rhythm element is really important in their sound, more like in noise rock or in Unsane than in the usual sludge band. but the slow paced tempo, the heaviness, plus some riffing sound sludge. But there's no faster hardcore parts, they keep it slow / mid tempo all the way (bordering funeral / drone doom at times). well, it's beak, slow, heavy, drenched in feedback, with a strong focus on the bass guitar. And they really does a good job in playing this kind of music. it's been released by Lost pilgrims records, Broken limbs and Dry cough records. This album, with the Rectal hygienics one, are my two favourite sludge (or noise!) albums this year so far. recommended!

The album on the Lost pilgrim Bandcamp page

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