mercredi 15 juillet 2015

Sundays & Cybele - Gypsy house (2015)

Sundays & Cybele is a japanese psychedelic band. Their music is rooted in 60' psychedelic / garage rock, and more specifically there's a strong Hendrix influence in the melodies and guitar playing. The closing instrumental reminds Can. But they're not just trying to recreate music of the past and the fuzzy tone of their guitar is not out of "space" in 21th century stoner / space rock. But, in addition to the high quality of the songwriting and playing, what makes them sound so unique is the singing in japanese, showing how fitting this language can be for psychedelic music.
Their album called Gypsy house (another nod to Hendrix!) was released in march by Guruguru brain, a yery good label specialised in japanese psychedelia. It is a very wel crafted and enjoyable album. Recommended!

The Bandcamp page

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