mercredi 29 juillet 2015

Marching church - This world is not enough (2015)

Marching church is a project with Elias Bender Rønnenfelt from Iceage. It's rooted in post-punk (stripped out composition, basslines put forward and sharp guitars). The album called This world is not enough was released this year by the excellent Sacred bones records. As
Rønnenfelt , who composed and sings, said it sound "half-asleep" and it's a quite hypnotic and trippy listening experience. The vocals especially sound half-asleep and always on the edge. those vocals, with some piano parts, plus the post-punk based music, reminds a bit Nick Cave or maybe even Tom Waits. it's as much spoken as it is sung. there's also female vocals adding more melodies, some very good "jazzy" parts with the piano, drumming and also a bit of sax. It sounds a bit like some decadent cabaret post-punk in the end of the night. It doesn't sound like the hundreds post-punk bands trying their best to sound like Joy division. It's really interesting stuff, with a very loose and spontaneous feel.
And yes this world is not enough...

The Bandcamp page.

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