jeudi 2 juillet 2015

Triac / Sacridose split EP (2015)

Triac and Sacridose thogether on a split, sounds like a good idea isn't it? Just listen to it and you won't be disapointed, the good idea definitely turned into a good 7 ' vinyl (released this month  by Nerve altar). 3 songs from Triac, 6 from Sacridose (but the Triac ones are a (tiny!) bit longer.

This is Triac's first release since their split with Disciple of Christ in 2012. A pity it's just four minutes of music because the trio from Baltimore is still a really good powerviolence raging beast.

Sacridose, also a trio, are from Florida, they are two guys from Cellgraft (which was a really awesome grind band) and a girl doing the vocals (and doing it well! in a merciless hardcore / PV vein).Sacridose also plays on the punk / powerviolence side of grindcore, and also does it extremely well (at THIS LOCATION you'll find the review I did for their first release and the interview we did in 2013)

This is an excellent split that lets you wanting for more from both bands. It's so intense and adrenaline charged that when it stops you feel the need and press play again...

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