samedi 9 janvier 2016

Abhorrent decimation - Miasmic mutation (2015)

This flashy blue cover art would let you think this is some death metal of a more modern kind than usually reviewed on Blasting days. Yes it is, but don't start running, this is not deathcore nor slam. Miasmic mutation is the first album from Abhorrent decimation, a young band from London. And for a first album this is an impressive one. Modern death metal, with a powerfull and clean production, but still really related to old school death metal. Brutal but not too much, they still write "songs" in a death metal way. it's quite technical but not too much and never for the sake of it. It has some good atmospheres, melodies and leads but never falls into the atrocious pits of "melodic death metal". And above all they show some good songwriting skills, very effective, crafting good, memorable and enjoyable songs. I usually don't listen to modern death metal, but this album was good enough to "catch" me. Good stuff.

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