lundi 18 janvier 2016

Ramleh - Circular time (2015)

After a few years hiatus Ramleh are back with this double album called Circular time. Double and really excellent. Their noise / power electronics / industrial origins are still felt, but they still largely follow in their more recent noise rock vein (with drums and guitars) and they bring also a big dose of spacey psychedelia with really trippy lead guitar parts. there's also something kraut with the rythms (Godflesh meets Can and Jimmy Hendrix?). And theres some few vocals in the most "rock" parts (maybe somewhere between The Melvins, Hawkwind and Pornography era The Cure?), and those parts are good as well. They sound like no other and their music is powerfull and mesmerising. Since I discovered Circular time I listen to it on a daily basis. strong and addictive stuff, really. try it!

The Bandcamp page.

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