samedi 2 janvier 2016

Agoraphobic nosebleed - Arc (2016)

Arc is the new Agoraphobic Nosebleed release, but don't expect some grindcore here. This EP is the first of a serie of four, each one focusing in the favourite style of one members of ANB. This one is the Kat Katz one. And this is sludge. Eyehategod, Black sabbath, Melvins and Crowbar are thanked for inspiration for this record and you can definitely hear it. On the record Kat is doing all the singing, all the rest is done by Scott Hull (guitars and programming). It does not sound like ANB, the drums are programmed but never sounded less digital on a ANB record. Is the music good? yes it is, three long songs filled with good riffing and some good heavy destructive groove. On this first sludge release they are easily better than most sludge bands. I just regret that there's no hardcore acceleration in their sludge (so in a way it's more doom with screamed vocals than really sludge), for a band usually playing grindcore this is a bit upsetting, but maybe that's exactly why they didn't wanted to do it... going slow and heavy all the way.

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