lundi 11 janvier 2016

Slow season - Slow season (2015)

Slow season is a very enjoyable album, and the band is a really good rocking band. To be honest the only originality they have is... to worship a band that is not Black sabbath, but is Led Zeppelin. But their are incredibly good at writing and playing songs in a Led Zeppelin vein, so why not? The other good point is that so do not duplicate only the hard rock side of Led Zeppelin but the whole diversity of the band, with its blues influenced and folk elements (harmonica included) and also the rock'n'roll songs. So maybe this self titled album, reissued in 2015 reminds most the third Led Zeppelin album (III) . In 2015 also they released their second album called Mountains, which is also really good, in the same zeppelinian vein, just maybe a bit heavier, with less folk elements. If you're into Led zeppelin go for it. If you're not into Lep Zeppelin... well, go see the doctor, hopeless case...

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