vendredi 8 janvier 2016

Appalachian terror unit - We don't need them (2015)

This new Appalachian terror unit, called We dont need them is one of the best crust / HC album released in 2015. Often more aggressive than most crust bands (and they are really good when in full relentless hardcore mode), they also know how to craft some memorable slower parts with post-apocalyptic atmospheres. The album is five short songs plus a thirteen minutes one. No, not a more atmospheric and lazy song to add a few minutes more to the album. What we get from this sixth song is a another aggressive song, but with a more complex structure allowing for a more epic feel built as the song develops. In my opinion too many crust albums sounds too predictable and often gets boring, but not this one. Not that it's really going in a different direction, but it's just done better. Good stuff.

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