dimanche 10 janvier 2016

Spektr - The art to disappear (2016)

Spektr is another french entity (a duo more precisely) that is pushing the boundaries of black metal. Their new album, The art to disappear, still largely instrumental, but not completely like their previous (excellent!) album Cypher was. But anyway since they're not into "pop" song format (like black metal often is!) this doesn't really matters. The guitars reminds Mayhem at it's most industrial / experimental (the kind of melodies and the sound of Grand declaration of war especially). There are noise / industrial elements bringing a cold, bleak and noisy feel,  and also some heaviness with dub beats (here when I write "dub" think Scorn). There's also a little jazzy touch with some drums patterns, but fewer jazz element than in Cyper. The atmosphere and the aggressive blast beats parts makes this a black metal album, but with a lot of room for experimenting and noise / industrial sounds. It has a different feel than Cypher (it's more brutal and industrial), but still is very Spektr and excellent. We already have a strong challenger for most interesting and best black metal album for 2016.

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