mardi 30 avril 2013

Hielo en Varsovia-st (2012)

Hielo en Varsovia is a band from Madrid and I suppose their self titled record is their first release, apart from that I don't know much about them, exept that I really like thir music.
how does it sounds like? you have elements of post rock, new wave / post-punk, shoegaze and noise rock, something a bit like a mix of Godspeed you black emperor!, The Cure and Sonic youth. they develops a very strong dreamy and melancholic and dark atmosphere with shoegazing and noisy guitars and far distant vocals. but in comparison to other bands with a similar approach they also, occasionaly, get more into punk beats or nearly "free" noisy parts. I think it's a very stong debut from Hielo en Varsovia and if you're into this kind of stuff or just curious I really recommend it.

you can listen to it and download it for free on their Bandcamp

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