samedi 7 décembre 2013

Beatriz Carnicero / Pudrëtë split (2013)

this cool split features two cool bands from from south america and playing fastcore / grindpunk.

on one side you have Beatriz Carnicero from Uruguay. I reviewed their previous releases and you can read it HERE and THERE (you'll find as well an interview in english and spanish that we did by mail last year).
their songs are really short (under one minute), fast and raging, with two vocalist singing in spanish. I really like how they strip the songs from all unecessary "fat" and goes straight to the point with a feel of urgency. they really do what I love in punk / hardcore / grind.

On the other side of the split you have Pudrëtë from Peru. what they do is in a similar vein but i'd say it's more crust, longer songs, more slower parts (but it's still fast overall) and with a sound that is less sharp but more raw and noisy.

both side of the split are really good and enjoyable if you're into this kind of music and I really recommend it.

you can stream / download it from free on Bandcamp

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