mercredi 4 décembre 2013

Malthusian - MMXIII (demo 2013)

Malthusian is a new death metal band from Ireland. their first release is called demo MMXIII but is released by Invictus productions and with good produciton value so we could say it's more like an EP (three song but around 23 min of music) than a demo (and its members are experienced, some have been in Altar of plagues and Mourning beloveth among others). it's a really solid and interesting release, a start already on a high note. it's rooted in old school death metal, with some elements reminding a bit Morbid angel in it's massive epicness and weird melodies. but it develops also more modern elements in its songwriting, evoking sometimes the darkest doom metal and even more some recent death metal bands like Mitochondrion or Portal, basing more its effects in the building of suffocating and ominous atmospheres than on brute force. we could say they choose with taste their recipes and cook it with all the needed savoir-faire to get their own tasty blend of death metal. if you're into death metal this release really deserves your attention.

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