mercredi 11 décembre 2013

Who's my saviour - Wall of sickness (2013)

Who's my saviour is a german band founded in 2001, they did just a full lenght record, Glasgow smile in 2007, after two splits. and now there is a vinyl 12'' called Wall of sickness released in september through the excellent 7degrees records. it's eight songs but it's more than enough to let the quality of their music shines. it has a strong metallic hardcore basis and they do it the way it should but what set them apart from the countless metal hardcore bands in activity is the smart additions of some others elements to it. the grind parts adds an extra dose of aggression and energy and more diversity in the tempos. but they bring also some more melodic elements to give the songs some more "colouration" and personnality. the overall result gives a listen that is full of speed and relentless beatings but with each songs bringing a renewed "catchiness" with the unpredictible apparition of some different elements (be it melodic, rythmic, the vocals, etc.). recommended!

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