samedi 21 décembre 2013

Domovoyd - Oh, sensibility (2013)

Oh, sensibility, by the finnish quartet Domovoyd (released this year on Svart records) is an album in which I like to get lost into. it's a really trippy and addictive listening experience and that's why it made it into my best of heavy / psychedelic album for 2013. one of is strenght is also the originality of its take on the spacey psychedelic kind of doom. they play some occasionnal Sabbath inspired riffs butunlike many doom album it's not all about the riffs, the heavy trippy atmosphere it develops is more created by the thick layers of fuzzy and noisy guitars. the guitars bring some melodies but even more they bring an almost physical impression to the listener, somewhere between heaviness, noise and drone, but with some potent psychedelic effects. and the more you get into the album the more it progress from doom songs to trippy "noisescapes". and you get lost into it, in a smokey haze of guitar sound and hypnotic rythms.

try this sensorial experience on their Bandcamp.

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