dimanche 29 juin 2014

Crowbar - Symmetry in black (2014)

Kirk Windstein left Down to dedicate full time to Crowbar, and if you listen to the new records of both bands, let's say it looks like a good move. Symmetry in black is an instant Crowbar classic, which means it's an awesome beast of an album. the opening song "Walk with knowledge wisely" hits you full front, urging you to higher the volume. and it sets the tone for the album. it delivers everything you want from a Crowbar album. it has the Crowbar perfect and unique mix of sabbathian grooves and hardcore. with also the dark melancholic and ominous heavy ballads that is one of their speciality. and it sounds like like the guys put everything they have in the songs, finely crafted, focused and heartfelt.
Symmetry in black is compelling and flawless, highly addictive and sounding better each time you listen to it.
this year no heavy metal album (and I mean HEAVY, this is Crowbar!) will beat it.

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