dimanche 22 juin 2014

Frail vessel - Frail vessel (2014)

Frail vessel from Newfoundland (Canada) only released a demo and this self titled digital album before splitting. but let me tell you it's really worth your interest. their demo and this one are really excellent stuff. its grind powerviolence sounds at the same time furious and controlled, nodding to the noisy tones and straighforward aggression of powerviolence and old school grind as well as to the heavier, tightier and more metal elements of modern grind and hardcore. it melts the best of both worlds in a marvel of balance betwen the two. the dark science fiction themed lyrics fits well with the music and is an original touch.
it's really a pity they split and I hope the guys will soon return with something as good as that.
oh, and thanks to the always excellent The plow behind you blog to pointing to this band.

Frail vessel music's on stream and free download on their BC page.

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