jeudi 5 juin 2014

Tombs - Savage gold (2014)

if you're looking for more brutal or more technical extreme metal, Tombs won't do, but if your looking for originality and better songwriting, then the sophisticated black / death metal of the band from Brooklyn will be an excellent pick. their new album Savage gold (soon to be released by Relapse records) is a brilliant confirmation of the qualities already showed on their previous works. their songs still have the epic progressions, the post-punk / post-metal elements creating a somber and eerie atmosphere, while being rooted in black / death metal grounds (think of Entombed, Neurosis, Killing joke, and Deathspell omega melted together and you might get an idea of what kind of stuff it is). Savage gold pushes it further and, helped by a heavier and sharper production (by Erik Rutan), give it more contrasts, breathing extra life (and death!) into it.

highly recommended!

The Bandcamp page.

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