samedi 7 juin 2014

Down - IV part II (EP 2014)

as it was for the first part of this EP series I got mixed feeling about this second part. on one hand Down still is a really good band with a strong personnality and their songs really have something, on the other hand I'm a bit disapointed because it's good but nos as much as it was on their albums. some songs are excellent, while some  other would have been more fitted for B-sides or bonus tracks. or would have needed some editing, for exemple the two long jam like tracks on this one ("conjure" and "bacchanalia"). three songs out of the six are ok but a bit below Down average. and the first song, "steeple", is an excellent epic heavy metal song with great singing and very fine Keenanesque lead guitar works very. this one, "steeple", is worthy of becoming a Down classic. but this Ep won't stay as one of the best Down record for me.

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