mardi 3 juin 2014

Detroit / thedowngoing (split cassette 2014)

wow, seeing a split with Detroit and thedowngoing, two of the best recent grind related band, coming was exiting. but actually listening to it is even better, I expected really good, and why we have is trully awesome, a monster of a split, a very strong contender for the grind split of the year (and there' are many grind splits). as I said both bands are among the best recent grind bands but each one in a realy style so it really made sense to have them share a split (Hygiene records is really getting a good habit of releasing excellent stuff!). Detroit, the canadian powerviolence / grind powerhouse are offering what is maybe their best material to date, unrelenting and frenetic to a high level.thedowngoing, from Australia, are not letting the intensity fall, compared to Detroit their songs are heavier, noisier and more chaotic. their noisegrind is really devastating stuff.
a faultless and impressive split, don't fail to listen to it.

the Bandcamp page.

and if you want to learn more about these bands you can read the interview I did with them :
interview with Detroit in 2012
interview with thedowngoing in 2012

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