dimanche 15 juin 2014

Grey widow - Grey widow (2014)

Grey widow is a new UK band with guys from dopefight, parole, the ergon carousel and evisorax. on their first, self titled, album they play some nasty and radical sludge, with the hardcore (or nearly black metal) accelerations from time to time but most of the time they lean on the slow / heavy side of sludge, bordering funeral doom / drone. very dark, from blast beats fast to very slow, heavy and dirty guitars, droning feedback, angry screams. that is their recipe. it sure tastes quite acidic and I have to say it's an excellent album, a very good start. at first attempt they found their own formula and it's most interesting and better than most bands in the now overcrowded sludge / doom scene. they are just more radical and they do it well. and listen after listen I discover new subtilities. I'll keep on listening to this one and sure wouldn't miss their next release.

their bandcamp.

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