lundi 1 juin 2015

O.D.R.A - Sexnarkoman (2015)

O.D.R.A is one of the best kept secrets of the sludge world. But if they keep on releasing albums as good I hope it won't stay a secret so long. This new one called Sexnarkoman is their fourth, I don't know about two first (and that's a shame, but I'm gonna soon listen to it!) but I really liked the third called Karl Denke blues (read my review HERE). They are polish (and sing in polish) but what they play is sludge along Eyehategod lines (you could guess by the cover...) and Sexnarkoman is way better than the last Eyehategod one. With Rectal hygienics they made what will without doubt stay as one of the best sludge album this year. I really like how their riffs are infused with a bluesy grooves while at the same time their music is so dirty. Warm but miserable, dripping with acid and sweat. Play it to 11 and feel the heat...

Their Bandcamp page

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