lundi 15 juin 2015

Dante Augustus Scarlatti - Ameritheism (2014)

Dante Augustus Scarlatti is a "noise" artist (doing also video and other visual arts), but the album I'm reviewing here is noise related but is more in a punk / no-wave / industrial vein. It's, called Ameritheism and released by a very good label called Auris Apothecary (specialised in releasing avant-garde / noise music in limited edition and special format). It consist itn thirteen tracks lasting 1minute each. Everything is made with a guitar, a microphone, and a computer for the beats. As I said it sounds a bit like a kind of post-punk but more like no-wave extremism flirting with noisegrind than new-wave stuff. Dante Augustus Scarlatti is kind of ranting in the mic, in a way between punk singing / screaming and spoken words / rapping. The lyrics are doing a radical critique of some of the dumbest aspects of american ideology / politics. it's quite good. The music is going very well with his angered flow. simple beats and punk /noise / indus rock minimalistic riffing. In a way it reminds a bit Correction house (but is rawer and punkier). It's original, interesting and have a very live / spontaneous feel.

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