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Ayahuasca dark trip

The Ayahuasca is an herb from south america with hallucinogenic virtues and is used for rituals. So as you can guess the music of Ayahuasca dark trip is dark and trippy psychedelic rock with some ambient and ritualistic elements. They released two albums, Mind journey in 2010 and The unknown trip at the top of the mountain in 2011, the second pushing even further the dark ambient and weird ritualistic side of their music. Both records are good and recommended if you're ready for a dark trip!
try it on their BC page.

and to learn more about the band you can read this short interview with Brayan from Ayahuasca dark trip :

-I'm curious to learn how the band formed, I read that Ayauasca is composed of musician coming from Peru, Netherland, Brazil and Greece, how did you get to form a band together?
I met buddy like 2 years ago, and he suggested me the idea of made a band , and i accepted, since we had a very similar vision of music. He knew Floris and Robin from his previous band, called ''Cosmic Nod'', so he invite them to be part of the band. Also i asked to Pedro (Necronomicon) and Indy (Queen Elephantine) to be part of the band. We all have a similar vision of music, and we all share common interests in subjects as Mysticism, Religion, Ancient Cultures, Rituals, Occultism, etc; so making music is very interesting for us 6

-do you play live or plan to do so?

We haven’t played live yet, but we’re waiting for the right moment to do it.

-I read that you plan to release a record in 2012, can you tell us more about it? Mind journey and The unknown trip are quite different, what is the next step of your musical evolution?

The next album will be a kind of mix between both albums. It will be more oriented to Stoner/Doom/Drone, but also there will be Ritual Music, inspired by the Tibetan Buddhist rituals and the Ayahuasca Rituals 

-Ayahuasca dark trip seems like a concept about the creation a kind of experience not  only musical but also spiritual and sensual in a way, do you agree? Can you tell us more about that? 

Yes, you’re right. The word Ayahuasca refers to the sacred plant, but also to the ritual. We try to capture the concept of the sacred experiences in general, and apply them to the music. That’s why our sound it’s pretty close to a ritual, adding elements from Rock music.
-does improvisation plays a part in the process of composition of the songs?

Yes. We usually work with bases for all the songs, and then we leave some parts free to add some improvisation. 

-do you feel like being part of a scene with other psychedelic oriented bands? Which kind of music do you listen to,  and which band would you recommend?

There are definitely some bands in the same spiritual/mystic/occultist way. I can mention some modern/old bands I like and are in the same way, as Saturnalia Temple, Caballo de Plomo, Popol Vuh, Kalacakra, The Threes Community, Vlubä, Necronomicon, Queen Elephantine, Montibus Communitas, Arco Iris, Quintessence, Yatha Sidra, Daniel Higgs, Ya Ho Wa 13, Flower Travellin Band, Gong, Icaros (Ayahuasca Chants), Tibetan Buddhist Chants, Tuvan Music, Classical Indian music,etc.

-what are your projects for the band?

Were working on a reissue of the first album at the moment. Then well start to work on the new album. 

-have you something to add? 

Thanks for your interest in the band. Cheers !

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