dimanche 29 avril 2012

Uncle acid & the deadbeats-blood lust

Uncle acid & the deadbeats. With a name like that you just can't lose! so it's no surprise that their first record, Blood lust, released in 2011 by Rise above records is a winner.
Old school doomy heavy metal, stoner, psychedelic rock, a very 70' sound, a black sabbath meets Blue oyster cult vibe, all that enters in the making of Blood lust. Of course just that would be cool, but not enough. Right. What makes blood lust a really cool and enjoyable record, a record above the mass of the revival old school 70' rock/metal wave is great songwriting. That's the key. A great sound, good musicianship, really cool vocals, good riffs and melodies, but above all that, great songs, the capacity to absorb the listener in mysterious and menacing atmospheres through dark psyched stoned trips. That's all this record is about. Really cool stuff!.

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